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The Science of the Swig

Light the Way

The powerful UV-A light of the LaVie water purifier destroys chlorine, its derivatives, and more than 90% of bacteria

Cost Savings

Purifies 200 gallons of water for $1.00 worth of electricity

Easy to Use

Starts and stops without needing to monitor

LaVie® UV-A water purifiers operate without filters or maintenance and allow you to purify your tap water in 15 minutes. They use an innovative, patented technology exclusive to LaVie®: the photolysis of chlorine by UV-A radiation. This treatment removes chlorine and its derivatives—while also eliminating—chemical compounds such as pesticides and drug residues.

The Magic of UV-A Light

So Long, Chlorine

This nature-inspired, innovative technology uses chlorine photolysis by UV-A light beam. It generates active oxygen molecules which purify water in 15 minutes. Residual amounts of chemicals, pesticides and medicine are broken down into harmless components.

So Long, Chlorine

glistening water

The LaVie® process clearly shows a de-chlorination efficiency of more than 90% after 15 minutes of exposure.

Nicholas Roche
Professor Nicolas ROCHE
Aix-Marseille University

Bye Bye, E. Coli

We tested water known to be contaminated with E. coli, and found after 30 minutes of treatment with the LaVie water purification system, the bacteria was removed and the water became safe to drink.

Bye Bye, E. Coli

water being poured into a cup

Glass That Lasts

Our bottles are made of borosilicate glass. Unlike regular glass, it is “thermal shock resistant” which allows quick changes in temperature, and added durability.

Glass bottle next to its purifier

Improved Taste

Borosilicate glass improves the taste of drinks due to its low solubility, which keeps beverages free from contamination.

Planet Saving

Less than 10% of all plastic gets recycled. Even when recycled, reusing plastics leave a heavy carbon footprint. If taken care of, borosilicate glass will last a lifetime.

Safer Drinking

Borosilicate glass is better for you because it resists chemicals and acid degradation. It’s also dishwasher and microwave safe.


Eliminates chlorine, removing bad tastes and smells in the process


Purifies water, reducing drug and pesticide residues


Stops the waste caused by disposable plastic bottles

Mineral Rich

Preserves 100% of all trace elements

Compare & Taste the Difference

Pure water purifier
LaVie Bottle
Self cleaning bottle
Self-Cleaning Bottle
Pitcher water filter
Filtered Bottle or Pitcher
Amazing tasting water
Eliminates chlorine
Reduces pesticide residues
Preserves minerals
Eliminates smell
Maintenance free, no cartridges
Strong glass bottle
Dishwasher safe cleaning

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