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Pure Water with Unbeatable Taste

Purify your tap water in only 15 minutes

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Zero Plastic Waste

The LaVie system is cartridge—and maintenance—free, meaning no more plastic bottles. Zero waste is the goal, and eliminating single-use plastics is a great starting point.

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Maintenance Free

LaVie water purifiers are filter-free and maintenance-free. No cartridges to replace and nothing to maintain. Just plug it in and enjoy an endless supply of clean tasting water.

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Clean Means No Chlorine

The LaVie system quickly and safely eliminates added chlorine from your drinking water. Instantly creating a purer “clean,” “smooth” taste that is chemical free.

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Preserves Essential Minerals

LaVie purifiers preserve 100% of trace elements in tap water. Trace minerals work to facilitate nerve impulses throughout the body. Bodily functions can be severely hindered by lack of trace minerals.

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How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Filtered tap water has never tasted better. Simply fill your bottle, wait 15 minutes, and you have mineral-rich, pesticide and chlorine-free, purified water, ready to drink.

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Yearly Savings Add Up

By switching from bottled water to a LaVie purifier, you are saving the Earth from massive amounts of waste.* There is no Planet B.

390 Plastic Bottles

312 KG Of CO2

15 LBS Of Plastic Waste

*For an average observed consumption of 2 gallons of plastic bottled water per week and per household (2.5 people)

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A System That Pays For Itself

Besides the pleasure and the comfort provided by purified water at home, the system is paid back in less than 6 months.

$1 Saves 200 Gallons

Stop spending money on disposable filters and single-use plastic water bottles. LaVie purifies 200 gallons of water for less than $1 of electricity—that’s almost three bathtubs full! 

Sustainability Without Sacrifice

Natural Sustenance is proud to offer long-lasting, sustainably focused products. We represent manufacturers of disruptive technologies that change the way consumers behave or view the planet’s existence.

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