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Set of 4 LaVie Drinking Glasses

Do you love the look, feel and untainted flavor that your LaVie water bottles deliver? You can enjoy those same benefits with the LaVie drinking glasses. Glasses come in sets of 4 and are the perfect size for your favorite liquor on the rocks, or a perfectly presented mousse or fruit tart. The glasses glisten just as the LaVie water bottles. Serve your guests LaVie purified water in these glasses, during a cocktail hour or formal dinner at home.

The set of 4 glasses are sandblasted with the LaVie logo. The logo is presented horizontally on two glasses and vertically on the other two glasses.


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Features & Benefits
  • Ultra-transparent borosilicate glass
  • Shock and heat-resistant
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • 7 ounces
  • 5 inches diameter by 2.7 inches tall
  • 4 LaVie branded glasses
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Eliminates chlorine, removing bad tastes and smells in the process


Purifies water, reducing drug and pesticide residues


Stops the waste caused by disposable plastic bottles

Mineral Rich

Preserves 100% of all trace elements

Scientifically Speaking

Did you know that Chlorine is added to 98% of all tap water in the United States? It’s added to tap water for the same reason you add it to swimming pools—it acts as a disinfectant. Chlorine does a terrific job disinfecting, but it’s also a controversial chemical. After all, how can something that burns, stinks, and dries your skin be safe to ingest?

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Giving Back

Natural Sustenance is committed to supporting initiatives and organizations that protect the long term sustainability of planet earth and all of its beauty. Small steps by many, yield big results. For every purifier purchased, Natural Sustenance will donate $1 to your choice of a sustainably focused organization.


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