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Science Behind Sustainability

Why is Borosilicate Glass Best for Reusable Water Bottles?

LaVie purified water borosilicate glass bottle

Glass is glass. Right? While many assume that all glass is created equal, that is not the case. The type of glass water bottle you use can have an impact, not only on your water drinking experience, but also the environment.

Borosili-huh? What is Borosilicate Glass?

A perfect example is borosilicate glass, which incorporates safe, environmentally friendly chemicals: boron trioxide and silica. This combination ensures that borosilicate glass—unlike other options on the market—will not crack under extreme temperature changes. Thanks to this increased durability it is the material of choice for a variety of applications from everyday cookware to laboratory use.

What is Soda-Lime Glass? And Why is Borosilicate Glass Better?

The most common type of glass is soda-lime glass, accounting for approximately 90 percent of all glass manufactured in the world. It is used in several different ways, including for windows, furniture, premium wine glasses, and glass jars.

The silicon dioxide and boron trioxide content is the primary difference between soda-lime glass and borosilicate glass. Typically, soda-lime glass is made up of 69 percent silicon dioxide compared to 80.6 for borosilicate glass. It also contains significantly less boron trioxide (1% vs. 13%)

As a result, soda-lime glass is more susceptible to shock and does not handle extreme changes in heat the way borosilicate glass does. The increased durability of borosilicate glass makes it the superior option when compared to the standard soda-lime alternative.

Why Borosilicate Glass Water Bottles are the Best Choice

  • Stronger: Unlike regular glass, it is “thermal shock resistant” which allows for quick changes in temperature and increases durability.
  • Superior safety: Borosilicate glass is better for you because it resists chemicals and acid degradation. Also, if your bottle heats up you don’t need to worry about the release of harmful toxins into your water, unlike plastic water bottles or less expensive alternatives.
  • Better for the environment: Less than 10% of all plastic gets recycled. Even when recycled, reusing plastics leave a heavy carbon footprint. If taken care of, borosilicate glass will last a lifetime.
  • Improved taste: Due to its low solubility, which keeps beverages free from contamination, your water won’t include an unpleasant aftertaste that can be present when using plastic or stainless-steel options.
  • Dishwashers and microwave safe
  • BPA-free

LaVie Technology & Borosilicate Glass

The strength and durability of borosilicate glass optimizes the LaVie purification process, allowing the UV-A rays to safely pass through the bottles to purify your water. And thanks to its thermal shock resistance you can place your borosilicate glass bottles directly into your fridge after purification. Learn more about the benefits of drinking purified water and the patented LaVie purification process in this recent blog post.

Make the Switch to Pure Glass Water Bottles

Purify your water in our borosilicate glass bottles and experience the difference firsthand. Want even more protection for your bottles? Check out our neoprene sleeves, available in a variety of colors to fit your unique style.

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