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Natural Sustenance: North American Distributor for LaVie Water Purifiers

Natural Sustenance is the North American Distributor of LaVie Water Purifiers

AKRON, Ohio – April 6, 2021 – Solable, S.A.S., Headquartered in Lambesc, France, chooses Natural Sustenance™ as the North American distributor for their home water purification system, the LaVie Water Purifier.

Natural Sustenance Named Exclusive North American Distributor of LaVie Water Purification System

Solable is pleased to announce the appointment of Natural Sustenance, Inc. as its exclusive North American distributor. Effective April 6, 2021, Natural Sustenance will distribute LaVie’s full line of point-of-use water purifiers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“The Natural Sustenance team is excited to introduce this technology to North America as a sustainable replacement to unsavory tap water,” says Catlin Nalley, Director of Marketing at Natural Sustenance. “This innovative product helps consumers eliminate single-use plastic water bottles—a significant environmental concern—while enhancing their water drinking experience.”

Patented Water Purification Technology Offers Positive Environmental Impact

Solable manufactures patented UV-A water purifier technology that produces clean, nutrient preserved tap water directly in a reusable glass water bottle, providing an effective single use plastic alternative as it eliminates the need to purchase water in single-use plastic bottles. The LaVie water purifiers operate without filters or maintenance and allow you to purify your tap water in as little as 15 minutes.  Resulting in “clean” water.

“Solable is very excited about this North America market opening and will work with Natural Sustenance to make the launch of LaVie impactful. We are confident that together, we will increase drinkable tap water consumption,” says Pascal Nuti, Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer of Solable SAS. Sales in EU have avoided the use of about 8,000,000 plastic bottles, so the impact LaVie can make on plastic pollution in the USA and Canada is huge.

About Solable

Solable, S.A.S, is an innovative French company that invented and patented the LaVie technology. Since its launch, LaVie received the Las Vegas CES 2018 innovation award and is in nearly 20,000 households in Europe.

About Natural Sustenance

Natural Sustenance, Inc., is an Ohio-based company that represents manufacturers of disruptive technologies that change the way consumers behave or view the planet’s existence. Their team is on a mission to provide environmentally friendly products that offer consideration to longer term impacts on the environment.

Are you looking for ways to cut down on your single-use plastic consumption? Learn how using a LaVie water purification system can save the Earth from massive amounts of waste. Shop the Natural Sustenance catalog for Lavie water purifiers and accessories.

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