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CES 2022: LaVie to Unveil High-Capacity Water Purifiers Using UV-A Technology

Whether you are at work or home, the Aix-en-Provence startup is pursuing its dream of making drinking water accessible to as many people as possible. During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held Jan. 5 to 8, 2022 in Las Vegas, LaVie will unveil new large capacity water purifiers, available in 5-liter (LaFontaine) and 10-liter (LaSource) versions, for pure water at any time. 

This ecological innovation uses a unique, patented technology that purifies tap water—naturally and without producing waste—in only 20 minutes. LED lamps eliminate chlorine, chemical compounds, and pesticides. LaFontaine and LaSource are the ideal solutions for an office or large family. 

Stop Plastic with Patented Technology

Continuously seeking eco-friendly solutions without diminishing the quality of its innovations, LaVie offers a high-capacity water purifier to meet the demands of large homes and various workspaces. Two unique models will be presented at CES 2022. 

LaFontaine, an ingenious device that does not require filters or maintenance, allows you to purify tap water in only 20 minutes. It uses a patented and exclusive process: the photolysis of chlorine by UV-A radiation. With a 5-liter capacity, this purifier eliminates chlorine and reduces drug and pesticide residues while also preserving 100% of trace elements. To use, simply plug it in and fill the vessel with water. By pressing the sensor button, the UV-A LEDs light up and the purification cycle begins. 

LaSource is directly connected to a water supply and the water is first treated in the upper tank of the device. The purified water then flows into the lower tank until it is filled. The process repeats itself automatically so that purified water is always available. LaSource has a 15-minute self-cleaning electrolysis cycle that kicks in quarterly. As a result, there is no need for a filter, part changes, or outside intervention. Rediscover—in just a few moments—the true taste of healthy and purified water, with a concept that is more ecological than plastic bottles and does not require maintenance like filtering carafes.

Attending CES 2022? Discover LaFontaine and LaSource at booth 54750 (Lifestyle area) at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas!

Rediscover Water with LaVie

LaVie water purifiers operate without filters or maintenance and purify your tap water in minutes. Thanks to the patented and exclusive technology of chlorine photolysis by UV-A radiation, LaVie solutions remove chlorine and its by-products as well as chemical compounds such as certain pesticides or traces of medication. This allows you to benefit from high-quality, purified water.

LaVie Water Purifier Highlights

  • Ecological and sustainable solution 
  • Nature-inspired technology 
  • Very easy to use
  • Modern design with noble materials 

About LaVie Bio

In 2017, Pascal Nuti and Saadi Brahmi, two French entrepreneurs, created LaVie—a device capable of purifying water in 15 minutes, using a natural process that does not produce waste. Thanks to LEDs there is no more chlorine and its unpleasant taste, but also organic pollutants. A beautiful project, that they patented with the process of photolysis of chlorine by UV-A, leads to a complex and totally natural oxidation reaction generating water purification. The company, based in Lambesc (13), is preparing to launch a fundraising campaign by summer 2022, focusing on its community of customers. Also on the agenda for the coming months is the launch of water fountains for homes as well as other innovations for professionals and communities. For more information, visit: https://lavie.bio/ and https://www.youtube.com/user/velectris.

About Natural Sustenance 

Natural Sustenance, Inc., an Ohio-based company, is the exclusive representative for LaVie in the United States and Canada. Natural Sustenance represents manufacturers of disruptive technologies that change the way consumers behave or view the planet’s existence. Their team is on a mission to provide environmentally friendly products that offer consideration to longer term impacts on the environment. Are you looking for ways to cut down on your single-use plastic consumption? Learn how using a LaVie water purification system can save the Earth from massive amounts of waste. Shop the Natural Sustenance catalog for LaVie water purifiers and accessories.

For Media Inquiries please contact: Catlin Nalley, Marketing Director of Natural Sustenance at catlin.nalley@natural-sustenance.com

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