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Earth Day Tips to Adopt Every Day of the Year

Honor Mother Earth on Earth Day 2021

Learn how to live every day like its Earth Day.

Since it began in 1970, Earth Day has become the largest secular observance in the world, with more than a billion people participating every year. The first Earth Day was the result of a growing awareness of the state of our planet and the negative impact humans were having on the environment.

Earth Day represents a shift towards a more environmentally conscious society, and, as individuals, it is important that we do our best to live this way 365 days a year. Even the smallest change can make a difference. Here are tips to help you create a more sustainable lifestyle and live as though every day is Earth Day.

Earth Day Tips for Every Day of the Year

  1. Avoid single-use plastics. Plastic pollution in the ocean has devastating implications for the environment. You can help combat this by swapping single-use plastic products for reusable options. This includes:
  2. Limit driving. Can you carpool to work or take public transportation? Any chance you have to walk, bike, or use public transit helps reduce air pollution.
  3. Shop secondhand. Clothes are a necessity and if you’d like to make your buying practices more sustainable, secondhand shopping is a great way to do so. This also helps avoid fast fashion, which is harmful to the environment as well as communities.
  4. Stop wasting food. It is easy to buy more than you need when grocery shopping; however, what we don’t consume ends up in the trash and does nothing for the environment. Try to plan your meals and stick to a list when shopping for food.
  5. Compost. While this might be a daunting endeavor, composting food scraps as well as leaves and grass clippings serve an important purpose and helps reduce trash. If you don’t want to tackle this yourself, find a composting service nearby.
  6. Use less paper. Go paperless by enrolling in online billing and unsubscribing from junk mail services. When at work or school don’t print something out unless absolutely necessary. And when you do use paper, recycle appropriately.
  7. Conserve energy. Whether at home or the office, make a point to turn off lights, appliances, and electronics whenever you leave. Switching to LEDs and compact fluorescent lamps can also make a difference.
  8. Reduce water use. There are a number of ways to reduce your water consumption, including:
    • Install a water efficient showerhead
    • Limit how much time you spend in the shower
    • Use the dishwasher instead of handwashing
    • Reduce how often you wash your clothes
    • Don’t leave the faucet running unnecessarily
  9. Pick up trash. When you are walking around your neighborhood or going for a hike, bring a reusable bag and gloves so you can pick up trash along the way. Helping reduce liter can have a significant impact on your environment since trash can easily end up in rivers, lakes, and the ocean.
  10. Find an accountability partner. Making sustainable lifestyle changes—even small ones—can be a challenge. Partnering with a friend or family member who also wants to live more sustainably can help both of you succeed!

Sustainability Without Sacrifice

Treating every day like it’s Earth Day is simpler than you think! At Natural Sustenance™, we believe you can achieve sustainability without sacrifice! Looking for an easy way to make a difference in your everyday life? Shop our sustainable products.

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