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5 Simple Tips to Help You Reduce Waste

The average American generates just under five pounds of trash per day and 1,642 pounds annually. Finding ways to reduce the amount of waste we produce is crucial, and as individuals we should do our part to live more sustainably. 

While it can feel overwhelming to transition to a completely zero-waste lifestyle, there are simple steps you can take to reduce your day-to-day waste. Here are a few tips to help you on your journey to a more eco-friendly life:

  1. Stop using plastic water bottles and other single-use plastics. Plastic pollution in the ocean has devastating implications for the environment. You can help combat this by swapping single-use plastic products such as water bottles, straws, plastic bags, and utensils, for reusable options.
  1. Start composting your food scraps. This can seem daunting at first; however, composting food scraps as well as leaves and grass clippings serve an important purpose and helps reduce trash. If you don’t want to tackle this at home, find a composting service nearby.
  2. Invest in reusable shopping bags. Avoid additional waste by replacing your plastic shopping and produce bags with reusable options.
  3. Reduce your paper use. Enroll in online billing and unsubscribing from junk mail services. When at work or school don’t print something out unless absolutely necessary. And when you do use paper, recycle appropriately.
  4. Reuse old clothing. Donate what you can and use the rest of your old clothes to make cloth rags. They can then be used instead of paper towels for deep cleaning around the house.

Reducing your waste is simpler than you think. At Natural Sustenance™, we believe you can achieve sustainability without sacrifice. Looking for an easy way to make a difference in your everyday life? Shop our sustainable products.

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